Animal Enthusiasm!

A lot of people (including me!) experience frustration when our pets don’t do what we’d like them to. I run a number of classes and private sessions to help people learn to communicate with their animals. I am not an “animal communicator” and do not claim any power to speak mind-to-mind. 🙂 In technical terms, I teach people to apply operant conditioning principles and to read their dog’s body language.

In simple terms: I teach you how to get your pet to understand what you want, and to want to do what you want. This isn’t an easy task, but the principles are fairly simple to learn if you are motivated to build a better working relationship with your dog. If I were to sum up what makes modern science-based training work in one phrase it would be: “Create enthusiasm”. Training this way can be a lot of fun.

The best way to find out what training options I am currently offering is to give me a call or e-mail. If you are a Facebook fan, you can check out my much neglected page there. 🙂