Positive reinforcement: Effective, non-damaging and fun!

Do you have a dog problem? Do you want your dog to be well behaved?

A lot of people (including me!) experience frustration when our pets don’t do what we’d like. Feeling angry, embarrassed and depressed about your dog’s behaviour is a common problem!

I teach you how to get your dog to understand what you want, and to want to do what you want.

How do I help you get results?

I help you to get your dog’s enthusiasm and trust. You build a better working / cooperative relationship with your dog. You learn to get your dog to do what you want.

In “geek speak”: I teach you to apply operant and classical conditioning principles and to read your dog’s body language. Techniques you may learn include environmental management, counter-conditioning and desensitisation, lure-and-reward training and clicker training.

I give local in-person private training, and online coaching anywhere. I provide you with sound advice based on your individual situation. We will use methods that work without causing fear or distrust in your dog.

Give me a call or e-mail to book a session.

Looking for Training Classes?

For sociable dogs, this is a great cost effective way to learn good manners!

Come to a Dog Training Help class at Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs in Belmont. Contact me for recommendations of classes in your area.

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Phone Marra for more info on 0403164748 if you would like more details.